5 Budget-Friendly ways to upgrade your Airbnb

5 Budget-Friendly ways to upgrade your Airbnb

Did you know? There are so many ways you can upgrade your property without actually having to break the bank.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you a few budget-friendly secrets on how to add the perfect personal touch to your Airbnb to make your guests feel more welcome and at home (Great for improving your guest experience and increasing that Star-Rating!đŸ˜‰)

Creative information cards

Creative information cards are an absolutely GREAT way to leave behind small but essential pieces of information for your guests. This works especially well for things such as Wi-Fi names and passwords.

Simply, design your card (Canva will work perfectly for you if you’re not a Photoshop user), print and place your information card somewhere where your guests will find it. If you’d like to steer away from paper, a chalkboard will work just as well and is perfect for those who love getting creative with their hands.

A touch of greenery

Adding fresh flowers or greenery to your rooms are a small and easy detail that guests always appreciate. Stop-by your local supermarket and grab a cost-effective bunch that you like. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive bunch of flowers to bring a luxurious element to a space.

Guests love gifts!

Make your guest feel right at home with a small welcome gift. This is the perfect way to make your guests feel extra special.

A little gift basket filled with a few items from the local market is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce them to local products and is the perfect opportunity to teach them more about the area.

Universal Adapters

Universal Adapters are KEY if you host many international guests. This thoughtful detail is GUARANTEED to save you from receiving numerous complaints about chargers that do not fit and will definitely make your guest’s experience a whole lot smoother.

Hallway LED Lights

No one likes waking up in the middle of the night and having no idea where you are.

Placing ample LED lights that are easily accessible in the hallway will make it so much easier for your guests to make their way to the bathroom or kitchen in the dark without hurting themselves.

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