How can bad guests impact my business?

How can bad guests impact my business?

We all know that bad guests are a nightmare for any rental property owner or manager. They can have such a negative influence on the value and success of your business, and let’s not forget the massive knock to your rental profit and income.

Sometimes the impact that bad guests have on your property is not as obvious at first, but they can seriously damage your brand in the long-run.

We have put together a list of 5 ways that bad guests can damage your business.

Higher turnover time

If there’s one thing people don’t really think about until they’ve reached the end of the month (or even, year), its guest turnover rates. Your turnover time refers to the frequency at which your rental property is booked and filled with new guests.

A low turnover time would mean that your business’s customer retention is high, and guests are booking your property at a good rate, however, a higher turnover time means that it’s taking much longer for your property to fill up its rooms, which unfortunately affects your profit and income negatively.

The damage that bad guests cause to your property increases your turnover time, not only making it harder for you to occupy your rooms but also leaves you with increased cleaning fees.

Increased cleaning fees

The more bad guests you have to clean up after, the higher your cleaning fees will be. If you are forced to clean up the horrible mess left behind by multiple bad guests, this not only consumes more of your time but also forces you to hire a cleaning company or spend more money on cleaning supplies – which can get pretty expensive.

We recommend having a separate budget set aside just for cleaning fees and when hiring a cleaning company, we recommend hiring a certified cleaning service that is good for coordinated cleaning, so you save more time on the back-end.

Irreplaceable damages

You know that valuable, one-of-its-kind, antique or object you have on display on your property? What will you do if a guest knocks it over and breaks it?

Bad guests can do damage to your property goods that no cleaning product would ever be able to restore. We recommend keeping any valuable or sensitive goods far away from your rental property as bad guests might not respect the sentimental value that your irreplaceable goods may hold.

Bad Reputation

With a higher turnover time, increased cleaning fees and damaged irreplaceable goods, bad guests can potentially go as far as to giving your business a bad reputation.

You could be so busy dealing with the above that you forget to attend to basic activities such as ensuring that property damages are repaired, and the cleanliness of your rooms are up to standard.

Bad guests can have a direct impact on the guest experience that you provide. When your property isn’t up to standard, you risk receiving a bad review which could, ultimately, lead to a series of bad reviews that can ruin your business’s reputation.

Business closure

Accommodating guests that are loud, throw wild parties, and couldn’t care less about the surrounding neighbourhood, automatically makes you a target of a homeowners’ association takedown.

This could lead to the loss of being able to rent your property, the loss of your rental income and even the entire loss of your rental business, all because of bad renters – a situation which you could’ve easily avoided.

Are you doing all you can to ensure that your business is protected from bad guests?

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